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Our loose leaf herbal teas are made with a mixture of our home grown and harvested herbs, flowers, and fruits and supplemented with dried organic ingredients. Rich and flavorful, our herbal blends are not for the faint of heart! As you savor each sip - consider adding a dollop of our local, raw and unfiltered honey.

Herbal Teas

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  • We have 2 varieties of herbal teas which are based on our harvest and seasonality of ingredients.

    Mint medly includes several varieties of mint that we harvest from our gardens. One of our all time favorite tea blends, take a deep inhalation when you first open the jar and enjoy! 

    Rockin' Rooibos includes dried apple and anise from our fall harvest supplemented with cinnamon, hibiscus flowers, raspberry leaves, and rooibos leaves. This blend is naturally sweet but with a zing from the hibiscus flowers.  Non-caffeinated, this will get you revved up!


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