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Beekeeper Holding a Honeycomb

Maine Hive & Harvest

Our Hives and Gardens

Our Maine bees and gardens work together as part of a natural cycle of life. This amazing connection inspires us every day to make local, simple, and hand-crafted products for you to enjoy.

Collecting Pollen from Flower

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About Maine Hive & Harvest

We are a small local apiary. Our mission is to sustainably manage our bees and our gardens, and to use our harvest bounty to bring you unique artisinal products created in Eastern Maine.





Hand Crafted

Established in 2023 by Owners Susanne and Joseph Robson, Maine Hive & Harvest was created to celebrate the links between our apiary, our gardens and the bounty our earth provides. Our bees pollinate our gardens, our plants thrive, and completing the circle of life, our bees prosper.  Our products are asssembled and hand-crafted on-site using harvested honey, beeswax, and plants from our gardens and supplemented with local, organic, and natural products.

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